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  ERM media - experiences  tvorel at 11:56 on 13 January 2008

Hello composer colleagues,

I have one question about "ERM media" publisher. Have you ever heard about it and what are your experiences? Thanks!

  Re: ERM media - experiences  piargno at 13:05 on 13 January 2008

I've heard of them, and I've been meaning to send them something, but I never get it done in time. My friend Daniel Wade got a piece recorded through them, and he seems really happy. If you'd like, I'll send you his contact info, and you can ask him all the questions you want. He's really nice.

  Re: ERM media - experiences  tvorel at 14:15 on 13 January 2008

Please, send me contact of your friend - on CT mail or just write it in a post, if it isn't problem. Thanks!

  Re: ERM media - experiences  piargno at 15:10 on 15 January 2008

Okay... this is really scary. I thought I had his e-mail address, and I KNEW he had a website. So, I just spent about 10 minutes looking for it on Google, but it's not there. And when I looked up the CD that he's on, the ERM website only had his last name, and didn't allow you to see the details of the CD. At any rate, he's on the 10th volume of "Masterworks of the new Era" (or something like that...). His name is Daniel P. Wade, and the piece is "Copland Calling." He seemed really excited about his work being on that CD, but if he's not composing anymore, then that may be a bad thing for ERM.

  Re: ERM media - experiences  tvorel at 12:59 on 17 January 2008

That is a pity.Anyway,thank you very much for your kindest and help.
I wish you all the best.

  Re: ERM media - experiences  Hugh Boyle at 21:10 on 17 January 2008

does anyone know the setup at ERM? Someone told me that you have to pay something like $450 for every minute of your music they record but that you get 12p, or something to that effect, for every copy of the cd sold.

Is that the way of it?
If it is I imagine that, even though one would get royalties, it would be a big expense.

All feedback welcome,

  Re: ERM media - experiences  Tim4442 at 11:15 on 22 January 2008

I have a work on Masterworks of the New era volume 11, Yes the payment is about right - but I have to say that hiring a profesional orchestra and doing the job yourself, ( especially the CD manufacture and distribution (now done by Naxos) would be far more expensive
The Cd and my track specifically have received radio play in Canada and the Us repeatedly since release last september and I am well pleased with the results, and also the reviews

  Re: ERM media - experiences  Hugh Boyle at 00:56 on 22 June 2010

Yeah I wouldn’t be so keen on such an expense, unless I win the lotto and have cash to flash.

  Re: ERM media - experiences  Misuc at 12:15 on 25 June 2010

So why don't we pool our resources at CT and do something modest along those lines for ourselves?

That would give CT a purpose to be proud of

  Re: ERM media - experiences  MartinY at 15:14 on 30 June 2010

If you can make recordings, either electronic or real, you can already load them up here and publish scores on a publish on demand site like lulu. My experience of lulu is that it is quite expensive compared with mass local printing but the contract is such that you can do both and have a car boot full of your perfoming material as well as an internet print on demand site for people who you never meet and to provide a colour cover etc....

The biggest problem for me is that people are for the most part only interested in buying practical editions of music by long dead composers and you will only sell your own music after a successful workshop or summer school which has used it.

My current lulu site is a bit (a lot) lacklustre but that is because I have decided that the optimum print size is quite big, (book size, print run size is not relevant), about 80 pages. It will be a while before the coplete viol music of Martin Grayson for 4 or 5 viols runs to 80 pages per partbook but I am working on it.

However I have been thinking whether it might be possible to use to the internet as a forum for a virtual summer school and produce some sort of permanent publication at the end of it...... Any ideas?????

  Re: ERM media - experiences  dpwmusicus at 08:43 on 30 April 2011

Hello - for anyone looking for info on ERM media, I had works recorded on volumes 5 and 10. Over all, I would say my experience was ok. Never really saw enough $$ in royalties to recoup the cost of getting the works recorded (yes, it was roughly $450 per minute). However, my works did get radio play in several cities in the US and Europe. I heard recently that Mr. Winstin (conductor) had passed away. Not sure if the label is continuing since his passing.


  Re: ERM media - experiences  Saber at 07:45 on 27 December 2011

I too had been wondering lately what is up with this new ERM Media stuff Anyway, after seeing what some of the users had written about it here, I am eager to contact them. By the one, does anyone here know what the setup that ERM media uses is?


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  Re: ERM media - experiences  kadmj at 00:38 on 13 February 2012

I have had direct and unfortunate interactions with ERM Media. A few years back they contracted to do a recording of my Requiem Mass--I paid the fee and traveled to the Czech Republic where I met the conductor (later found out he was the owner and largely one man show of the company) and heard the final rehearsal of the choir before recording the next day.

Five minutes in, it was clear that they were in no position to record and after a brief conference with the conductor the sessions were cancelled. Of course, this was devistating enough but it was an expensive trip for me to be there for this recording as well.

After many mea culpas, the conductor told me this had never happened and that it was a choir he hadn't worked with before and would not again and asked me to reschedule the session for a few months later when his calendar allowed. He further told me he would reimburse me for personal expenses from the the current trip.

I reluctantly agreed. The next session was scheduled for Prague and two weeks before that date, I heard no word about the specifics of time/place--I meant to call and speak with the orchestra manager prior to my arrival. A week before, the conductor (owner--I still didn't know) called and told me to book my flight and hotel AND asked me to "consult" on the choir preparation--for that I would be credited for the final cost of the recording.

Again, no communication. The night prior to leaving I finally (after dozens of messages) got ahold of the conductor who told me that the project had been cancelled!

At this point I was out thousands of dollars for the 50% down of the recording and also 2 trips to Europe! After this the trail went cold--I demanded my down payment back. Instead I got a rough CD of 2 of the 14 movements (one done reasonably well, the other was not done anything like my detailed expression markings and was un-useable) and not done with the soloists I had agreed on nor with the orchestra contracted for--this was done in Kiev!

To this day--almost 5 years later, I am still pursuing refund and reimbursement. Over a year ago the conductor/owner died unexpectedly and I am surprised that the company is still functioning.

I have since discovered that there are other composers who are owed money and/or a recording.

Buyer beware!