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  NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  ruska02 at 07:31 on 10 January 2008

In Italy the Intrasonus Festival is going to go pubblic with this MANIFESTO all composers are kindly invited to submit observations positive or negative no matter what


It’s our need

1) to keep the musical tradition in great esteem and always deeply and steady connected to what is composed and played in the “classical contempprary” music of our time.

2) to interpret the Sound as a DNA of a musical heritage thought felt as live being. Sound is our Naturlaut and goes back to an archetype that belongs to the human biology and cognitive activity.

3) to understand what we are really listening when we hear. Only thus we can achieve a new awareness and knowledge in order to deliver newly conceived musical offsprings of our imagination and reason.

4) to listen to the reasons of the developing and becoming of the sound with the help of psychoacoustics, neurophysiology and perceptive analysis .

5) to open our minds to the new frontiers of perception and to propose to a new public different ways of doing music capable of taking into account new needs, new issues, new challenges, new biological environments.

6) to lead music (back) to a spiritual level in which our inner time is defined by and in a mystical way, always close to the mystery that is our inner being, our daily living, .

7) find for our music no commercial reason to be, nor further functional “reason d’ etre” if not in itself.
It is our need to feel our Art as “supreme music” ; to search no physical dimension or space to rule but only a deep internal dimension capable of leading our minds and souls to a new world of astonishment, wonder and knowledge.

Rusconi Roberto Composer

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  lawes at 18:06 on 10 January 2008

I for one agree with it, will support it, a positive call to arms so to speak.

Need to translate it better though, the English is functional but not correct, I`ll try and work on what you have written and see if I can improve it a bit, keeping the sentiment the same. (hope that does not offend you Roberto, you speak English a million times better than I speak Italian or any other language)

Would be good if other composers with English as their first language had a go at improving the text also perhaps (pick the best version/s).

Good work in my opinion thanks for doing it, some clear princples, some values to work with.

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  ruska02 at 19:29 on 10 January 2008

Thanks indeed this is just wjat I/We need

1) Please do correct the Manifesto so we are able to spread it world wide and let all people have a correc tunderstanding of it

2) Please suggest the best ways to spread it and make it become "a real thing"

3) Please join us in all our project to come starting from this one

Thanks again Roberto Rusconi

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  Pete12b at 22:56 on 10 January 2008

Beautiful! If only this could be made part of every child's learning.

PS. Have just read the threads on ^. Calm down boys! And read Number 7 on the manifesto.

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  Pete12b at 22:57 on 10 January 2008

Sorry I meant look at Number 6!! Sorry - its late

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  ruska02 at 07:13 on 11 January 2008

Thnaks to you as well
Please join us in our work so childrem may
grow up and understand more than beeing itelectually raped
from th every early years.

Roberto Rusconi Composer

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  James McFadyen at 10:33 on 11 January 2008

Point number (7) is a little naive to me. I could never work with a composer who does not understand the commercial function of music.

It is not good to be ultra-commercial in the same way as it is not good to be ultra-artistic. Today's composer MUST (and speaking as a publisher and composer, I do mean must) understand the balance between ones own artistic vision and how it can be presented in saleable way.

I could sit down right now and write 'artistic music', give me 5 minutes and I'd give you the most pretensious nonsence you'd ever hear. Now ask me to write the same piece with the same artistic vision but account for a wider and varied audience, then I'd need far more than 5 mintues!

You might say that why should I write for an audience, why should I not just write whatever I want and forget about the audience? Because that is disrespectful and to be honest is a mis-representation of our jobs as composers.

We are providing a service to the public. I'm not saying sell out to commercialism, I would never advocate that but I am saying that music, even our own, exists outwith our own mind and artistic vision.

Remember the old phrase? .... "It's not what you say, but how you say it!"

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  lawes at 12:27 on 11 January 2008

Not much time to reply over the next few days, I`ll see how it goes (monday/tuesday at the latest)

James, a spirited response, but missing the point entirely in my opinion, still, such discussion should help clarify matters/sharpen things up. Will explain my reasons soon.

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  ruska02 at 12:55 on 11 January 2008

Thanks to the two contributions I underline Intrasonus point

Composing in the sense of Art is discussed about here.
Work is another job. I myself have earned a living with soundtracks and cd roms stuff but I do not call them " my spiritual call", my musical poetry. So lets start from the need of writing for the need of doing it, comunication is a consequrnce not a point of departure. Lets start from die Kunst der Fugue.
I know JSB was recycling old stuff to make up his weekly cantatas but that was another thing. Food for the mind we need and we want to deal about not success.
The Manifesto is about craving for a musical spiritual search. The speech is not about earning a living from writing music , this is job, or writing non sense things , I feel sick when this happens to me. Who really feels the " inner urge" to do this in a a classical derived attitude deals with our world the others are not inferior or whatever but firmly different. From Palestrina to Schuman, from Gabrieli to Nono a real search for a musical sense. This is wath the work of Intrasonus will be about.
Do not cover old paths go for the uncharted with history as a backpack not heavy but necessary. We who feel this, and must be born with it in our dna not simply having decided or studied to do it, must unify and spread to keep the "spheres in harmony"...don't you agree?...

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  piargno at 03:21 on 13 January 2008

Is this a Manifesto to all composers or just for those at the Intrasonus Festival?

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  ruska02 at 07:20 on 13 January 2008

This is a Manifesto for all the Composers in the World
The aim is to try to have some people subscribing it, the second purpose is to try to gather all the people interested in forming a stronger line up to do what we have called the Intrasonus Spot Project that will be described later on .

Why we are doing this

1) Because we strongly feel we all need some steady point to discuss about and start from rebuilding a kind of
new reinassance (rinascimento delle arti)

2) Because we belive that alone or in a few competing units we are to die and our pure classical music research with us
we do not need holes (niches ?) any more we need to manifest open air with a pure musical and artistic intent

3) Because we think to many has been proposed only because some was friend of someone or because the were born in the right places knowing the right persons or because critics known nothing and hearing less were making the rules toghether with academics unable to write a single note

Please do open up a web to try a new testimonial that our art is still spiritual, meriticrati, alive and kicking

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  tvorel at 11:51 on 13 January 2008

I'm welcoming your idea, especially your latest post under statement 3. I think lot of us faced same structures again and again.
You have my support and willing to join at any time.


  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  ruska02 at 12:18 on 13 January 2008

Thanks for the support Tatjana

At this point I invite you all to check the Intrasonus web site on
and in a few days you will see the concrete project proposal and
suggestion on how to develope it in real
I underline that if we really belivie in "something like this" we all have to make this document travel to as many composers and performers we are capable of..
After the idea of a composer's web devoted to realise such a project is a consequence and a need not really naive dream.
I think if we want to survive and breath we need to coperate on this otherwise starving culturally and artistically will be a shure destination

I would like also to know webmaster opinion , as well...he could do a great if he would decide to join us ...or does he thinks it could be not "politically correct?"

Roberto Rusconi Composer

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  piargno at 13:04 on 13 January 2008

Do you think ALL composition should follow this manifesto? Even film composition? Musical Theater composition? Collaborative Opera composition? Children's music composition? Television theme-song composition? Cell phone ring composition? Children's toy composition? Video game music composition? Ballet composition? Holiday music composition? Hymn composition?

  Re: NEW COMPOSERS MANIFESTO  ruska02 at 13:37 on 13 January 2008

Not at all.

Only who follows our idea of music is personally willing to follow and develop these indications. What we are talking about here (point 7) is one particular side of Clasiccal Contemporary Music. What we are talking about not functional music ( that has its own precise rules and those must be followed) but what we have called "spiritual music" the one you need to write and some need to listen to , the one that is food for the mind and soul, the one you sit and listen not run and hear. This is the music we are talking about in the Manifest , in that situation yes...all people writing ideas should follow and develop our suggestions.

This 29 message thread spans 2 pages: [1]  2  > >