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  The music of Paul Keenan  Viola at 15:21 on 03 December 2007

I am wondering how many people have heard the music of Paul Keenan? I have heard alot recently and do NOT understand why he is not better known worldwide. I am confident in my opinions enough to say that his music is some of the finest music I have ever heard, the beauty and craftsmanship shining through always - which, needless to say, is not the case with much music today.
Genius, is not a powerful enough word to describe him. But, amoung those who know of his music it is widely agreed that he has broken the boundries, and is one of the most important voices in Britian, and also of the century.
Why does this music remain unknown? Surely something must be done about this.

  Re: The music of Paul Keenan  atticmusic at 21:12 on 03 December 2007

I have just read the biography on his web site. Did you know him? I am not familiar with his work and do not know how to obtain a recording.

  Re: The music of Paul Keenan  Viola at 13:56 on 09 December 2007

I did not know him actually. I was however at the world premiere of Palimpsest in 2005 and must say that the impact left on the (very highly attended) audience was remarkable. Clearly nobody had heard music in this way before, and had reacted to it well.
Some scores are availible from the Scottish Music Centre, A Field of Scarecrows has been published by Warwick Music and commercially recorded by John Kenny and George Nicholson, so perhaps try Kennys site? I believe his son is engraving the output, for publication, but this will be a life long project indeed.

  Re: The music of Paul Keenan  Jane at 23:31 on 15 December 2009

As Paul Keenan's widow, I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to find this written on the internet! -And I am happy to say that "The Ruin" will be performed at York University on 25th June 2010, and that Paul Griffiths will be giving a talk.

I launched a chamber ballet company, Ballet Bewegung in September with live music superbly played by John Cameron, Jonathan Sage, Steff Conner, Val Pearson and Chris Mullender. Beethoven's Clarinet trio Op 38, and Bartok's "Contrasts" were followed by Paul's "Cloudscapes"-

Everyone fell in love with Cloudscapes!

In answer to your question about why Paul's music isn't more widely known, I have to say that during his tragically shortened life he was more concerned with writing than promoting his work...however, since his death, so many people have spoken of him in terms of "genius" that I am surprised he still has music written but not played.

I'd be delighted to help anyone who would like more information, and yes, it is true that our son Peter is currently engraving the full body of his Father's work (Google Cloudscapes Publications)... and, soon, hopefuly, there'll be a Ballet Bewegung website with an excerpt of "Cloudscapes" on it for all to see and hear.

  Re: The music of Paul Keenan  urthsong at 20:24 on 01 April 2011

Jane -

I hope you or someone you know is still watching this post list!

I found your husband's name when searching for music for unaccompanied solo voice. I tried to find the Cloudscapes, but perhaps you've renamed it or it is not up yet. I'd be interested in looking at the score for Two Songs for unaccompanied voice (1976)and anything else for unaccompanied voice or voice with 2-4 instruments, as well as anything for three female voices.

I hope the plan for publishing his works is going forward. What a tragedy to lose someone so talented and so young. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope that his music living on will provide some comfort.

Kris Wildman, Soprano