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  viola ensemble?  scott_good at 14:21 on 28 October 2007


does anyone here know of any new music for 3 violas?

any input would be much appreciated.


  Re: viola ensemble?  CPSly at 19:06 on 20 November 2007

I could write some if you would be interested in playing it!
Let me know

  Re: viola ensemble?  at385 at 17:21 on 21 November 2007

I know you asked for three but there's ViolaViola by George Benjamin (for two obviously!). Perhaps the third violist could turn pages and look pretty?

  Re: viola ensemble?  scott_good at 20:53 on 22 November 2007

hi chris, at385

thanks for both of your inputs. chris, i very much apprecaite your gesture to compose a new work. however, my siuation has been resolved since posting that note.