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  “Composition e-learning”  ricnog at 16:37 on 16 July 2007

Hello all,

I would like to take some composition lessons, but unfortunately I can’t really enrol into a course or degree at the moment. I was wondering if there exists a kind of e-learning thing set up for this, it would be ridiculous to apply this to the learning of an instrument but to a certain degree I think it could be possible to apply to composition lessons.

What do you think and does anyone have suggestions?

Thank you in advance


  Re: “Composition e-learning”  Tim4442 at 09:59 on 17 July 2007

I have a couple of Composition students by email,what exactly are you looking for

  Re: “Composition e-learning”  cherylhoad at 10:46 on 20 July 2007


I also offer teaching like this...

have a look at my website:


  Re: “Composition e-learning”  Boneman at 09:29 on 15 August 2007

Hi all, this is my first venture to the forum. Already I have found interesting things here!

Composition lessons online!

Can anyone let me know about charges etc? I have had quite a lot of experience in writing for different mediums but never any formal training.

  Re: “Composition e-learning”  cherylhoad at 12:42 on 15 August 2007


Well, what I'd usually suggest is that a student send me a PDF/Sibelius file of their work, and I'd spend time looking at it and give a whole load of comments. Perhaps Ł20 for an hour? I don't think it would be suitable for long term learning, as it could never be as good as face to face tuition, but could be useful for a couple of sessions to get alternative views on one's work?


  Re: “Composition e-learning”  HymnSpace at 19:35 on 27 September 2007

Hi, I would be available to teach people online if they wanted to submit there music to me to listen to and to examine the score.

I have very high standards when it comes to presentation so feel I could offer a very good service to those interested.

Check out my website for a bit more info about me.