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  Music Libraries (not online)  JosephGentryStephens at 23:02 on 28 June 2007

I am wondering if anyone knows of an actual brick and mortar library that specializes or has a special section for new music. I am sure many of you publish on the web as I do and lately I have been wanting to get my hard copies into a library somewhere from which they can be accessed long into the future after I am no longer maintaining my own website. As I said, ideally the library would specialize or at least have a special section dedicated to composers of the 21st century.

Thanks for any replies,

Joseph Gentry Stephens

  Re: Music Libraries (not online)  cherylhoad at 15:52 on 30 June 2007

Have you tried the British Music information centre (BMIC)? Cheryl

  Re: Music Libraries (not online)  red5 at 16:44 on 30 June 2007

Unfortunately you have to be British to go in there and I believe Joseph is American?

  Re: Music Libraries (not online)  JosephGentryStephens at 03:30 on 01 July 2007

As American as apple pie. And if you can tell me why apple pie is so American I will bake you one.

  Re: Music Libraries (not online)  red5 at 16:49 on 01 July 2007

Because Madonna and the bloke who originally did the song say so?

  Re: Music Libraries (not online)  Sarah O`Halloran at 10:23 on 02 July 2007

The British Music Information Centre is a member of the umbrella organisation IAMIC, you can use their site to find out about music information centres all over the world.

There is also an international organisation of music libraries called IAML, their site will probably be helpful too.

Also I've noticed number of international music information centres don't just take any scores that are sent to them, you normally have to apply for representation.