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  Trumpet Question  at385 at 21:40 on 03 June 2007

Hi all, just wondering if there are any trumpeters or trumpet experts out there who could answer a question for me. I'm approaching a deadline for a piece and I read somewhere that some trumpeters are able to play not only pedal notes but these pedal notes an octave lower. The book I think I read it in is a bit out of date now so I'm hoping modern trumpeters have solidified this technique. The pitch need not be exact, its more of a grumbling effect I'm after. Can anyone advise...?

  Re: Trumpet Question  James McFadyen at 22:47 on 03 June 2007

A reasonable Trumpeter can play down to pedal C and much of the chormatic notes in between.

Lower than Pedal C may be obtained but it's best not to go lower than that.

Their use, however is seldom useful, except in extreme cases.

If it's a grumbling effect you want, indicate to the player that he is to play the lowest possible pedal note and write 'grumbling' on top of the note in italics.

Seems about as commonsence as one could get with such an effect.

  Re: Trumpet Question  scott_good at 12:03 on 18 June 2007


one other point is that the flugelhorn handles the pedle tones better than the C or Bb trumpets - and they sound better.

most trumpeters play flugel, but, it's best to ask first.

but, ya, a trumpet pedle is not the same as with trombones, and rarely used.