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  Intro and Anecdote comp by AWMusic  AWMusic at 15:53 on 31 May 2007

Hello to one and all,
I`m new in here today, on the last day in May. I call myself a composer, amongst other descriptions which I won`t mention. May I clarify that I`m not a symphonist, nor expect to become one at my age.

Here`s my introductory anecdote then - nice to meet you all:
I was, several years ago quite youthfully and innocently enterprising. Whilst playing piano in a night club for a Royal Charity `Do`, I accompanied Moray Welsh who had been asked to play by the Prince. I didn`t know him personally (I believe he wasn`t long out of college) and `as you do` (in theatreland), I casually mentioned to him that I wrote good `tabs`. Of course he didn`t accept - he had no need for `on/off music`. The now principal cellist with the LSO may possibly also tell this story from years ago from his own point of view. I`d love to hear how it goes.