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  How much to charge for score and parts?  Christopher Tin at 17:58 on 07 May 2007

Hi everyone,

Just looking for a little feedback here.

How much do you charge for score and part rental/purchase for your orchestral pieces?

I wrote a theme to a popular video game, and now the choral arrangement's being released by Alfred Publishing. Various choir directors have asked if they can perform with orchestra as well, however, so I've taken it upon myself to self-publish the orchestral parts to accompany the choir arrangement.

I have several questions, and hope that some of you might have answers:

1) Do you rent or sell the score/parts, or some combination thereof?

2) How much do you charge?

Any answers and experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  Re: How much to charge for score and parts?  James McFadyen at 08:03 on 08 May 2007

Pricing is always a tough area. You need to balance up 4 things:

1) How much will people be prepared to pay?

2) How much do you think your music is worth?

3) What profit margin do you want/need to make?

4) What are your competitors offering?

However if Alfred Publishing are publishing the choral version, why would they not publish the orchestral version, especially since it can serve as part of the choral version?

  Re: How much to charge for score and parts?  Christopher Tin at 20:56 on 08 May 2007

I don't actually need to make that much of a profit, but I don't want to undervalue my music.

Mainly, I suppose I was wondering about the rent vs. sell thing....I don't want to continuously have to be making parts, so I'm thinking renting. Any thoughts on this?

And as for Alfred, they're actually publishing concert band and orchestra arrangements, but as part of a greater medley of video game music. I want to offer this to people who want to perform it in isolation.

  Re: How much to charge for score and parts?  James McFadyen at 08:12 on 09 May 2007

Who owns the copyright to the original?

i.e. if it is a video game theme, it is probably owned by the game company or do you have another arrangement with them?

If you own the copyrights, you'd be better off just selling it and if an order comes in, print it off.

Only publishers need to deal with hiring and even then it's usually only the bigger ones like Hal Leonard, Boosey & Hawkes and Novello.