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  Why can`t we all meet?  Pete12b at 21:25 on 04 May 2007

It's a solitary life being a composer except for the students, musicians, cast and studio grungers - personally I would love to meet you all. Who here would be up for a "live" forum, a chance to be human - and see how really ugly we all are?!

I used to attend a composers forum in Islington - it was great. Not just for the music, but to find out what made other composers tick - answer questions like - do composers ever go out long enough to get a tan? Religious beliefs, shopping addictions, cooking skills, golf handicap, partners views.

We all have a beautiful talent and passion, I would love to meet you all without having to permanently type and wait.

I am not naive - I appreciate there may be some heated moments - let's argue about Dylan and Wagner, Britney and Brahms - may be play a few things live - swap CDs, contacts, concerts.

I am sure we all know what a huge mountain composition is to climb, and each of us have our helpers and contacts, shouldn't we join forces?
I know it would cost money, but we can argue venues and cost, menus and requirements, but we might at least make progress.

It's radical, and probably a foolish suggestion, but I'm fed up of reading about Rara345 or Purplepimple89. Who are you all?

Kind regards

  Re: Why can`t we all meet?  James McFadyen at 09:39 on 05 May 2007

Sounds like a good idea!

I'm into astronomy and have my own telescope, so if anybody wants to organise a star party that would be a nice way to meet to share a passion which is away from music.