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  Paul McCartney  Team Gaughan at 08:28 on 04 May 2007

Obviously as a member of The Beatles Paul McCartney is beyond comment however as a 'classical composer' that is another thing totally.

McCartney (who seems proud of the fact he can't actually read music) has won an award at the Classical Brits for best cd!!!!!! I have heard it and hope its due to the performance by the ensemble!!

I have heard his other 'classical' pieces' too such as the 'Liverpool Oratorio' & some 'String Quartets' which I'm sorry to say are awful.

Don't get me wrong I have no problem at all with 'crossover' (for the want of a better word), for example Sting was also up for a 'Brit' for his recording of John Dowland songs for which he actually learnt to play the lute- and its not bad at all.

While McCartneys piece 'Ecce Cor Meum' is written for his late wife for which I understand his sorrow as a piece of music it stinks.

If he wasn't Sir Paul McCartney this music would never get performed never mind recorded and given awards, its horrendous.

I would be interested to hear other comments on McCartney the 'classical composer'.

  Re: Paul McCartney  Hugh Boyle at 09:06 on 04 May 2007

Yeah I watched the news this morning while I sipped my coffee and I must say I was rather in a state of shock. Sting's achievement is much more noteworthy and admirable.
I guess that if, somehow, Sir Paul sent a piece anonymously to an orchestra or a call for scores he wouldn’t enjoy as much success. But I believe he will always use his reputation and popularity to his advantage and therefore he will always receive opportunities which more competent, yet lesser known, composers will not.

However, in retrospect, I think that since this was the ‘Brits’ which effectively is all about popularity and commercialism it is unsurprising that someone with his reputation and status won the award.

  Re: Paul McCartney  James McFadyen at 13:17 on 06 May 2007

Frank Zappa - now there's a real crossover!

  Re: Paul McCartney  James McFadyen at 13:18 on 06 May 2007