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  Rostropovich  Team Gaughan at 16:36 on 28 April 2007

I was saddened recently to hear of the death of Mstislav Rostropovich the fantastic Russian cellist/conductor/pianist.

So many great and now 'established' cello works were composed for him, its astonishing, Britten, Prokoviev, Shostakovich, Dutilieux just to name 4 composers. Britten wrote no less then 5 cello works for him, (3 solo suites, a sonata and the cello symphony) plus a song cycle (in Russian) for his wife to perform.

(this will give you a list of all the works he first performed, its staggering)!

An amazing man, an amazing musician, and an amzing supporter of human rights.

  Re: Rostropovich  John Robertson at 08:04 on 30 April 2007

Totally agreed. There's a nice remiscence from James Macmillan here: