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  Harpsichord  Team Gaughan at 12:28 on 11 April 2007

One of the composing competitions on here is a piece for either harpsichord or harpsichord with 1 other 'modern' instrument.

This fasinated me, (having only once written for the h'chord), and I am going to explore both possibilities.

What do other people think about writing for the harpsichord? (or other 'ancient' instruments such as the bass viol?)

I know the wonderful Elliott Carter Double Concerto plus of course the pieces by De Falla, Poulenc and Benjamin Britten.

  Re: Harpsichord  red5 at 20:50 on 11 April 2007

There's a very good piece by Ligeti for solo harpsichord, I forget what it's called but I'll get back to you - unless anyone can help out in the meantime...?

  Re: Harpsichord  Team Gaughan at 11:32 on 12 April 2007

Thanks for that, there are 2 I believe, Hungarian Rock and Chacony. I shall have a look at them, excellent.

  Re: Harpsichord  ricnog at 22:54 on 12 April 2007

I believe the most famous piece for Harpsichord by Ligeti is Continuum.


  Re: Harpsichord  Team Gaughan at 11:21 on 13 April 2007

Indeed yes, I forgot that one, thank you.

  Re: Harpsichord  Nicolas Tzortzis at 23:23 on 13 April 2007

Don't forget Xenakis' contribution to the harpichord repertoire with some extraordinary works.Two solos,two pieces with percussion,plus one chamber concerto for solo harpsichord and ensemble.
All of them remarquable.Look them up.

  Re: Harpsichord  piargno at 04:14 on 14 April 2007

The harpsichord is a wonderful intrument when you remove yourself from the piano, and start to focus on the different stop combinations. Muted harpsichord is gorgeous - almost like harp harmonics on every note, one of my favorite sounds in the world. The harpsichord can also get really violent - Tori Amos actually uses it wonderfully on her album "Boys for Pele." (One of the tracks, "Professional Widow," sounds like it starts with an electric guitar, but it's really a harpsichord.)

It's a fun challenge! Unlike writing for guitar if you're not a guitarist. Not a fun challenge...