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  Call for A Composers Web  ruska02 at 17:13 on 01 April 2007

I am trying to set up an International Composer web to be able to realise a performing project project. According to my experience too many times contemporary composers , even good ones, find hard times in having their compositions played abroad from their native lands. Even if some of us have strong connections with good performers ( I have conncetions with members of Klangforum Wien, members of Arditti Quartett and Nuove Consonanze) having our composition played regurarly internationally is something that happens only if you are really blessed. The idea is to set up a Composers web made up of one member for each nation and try to organise concerts with very outstanding players able to perform in at least six or seven concerts, around the countries of the composers involved, set programs of new composition possibly melted with traditional repertoire. Anyone with performes and organising connections is strongly asked to consider and to examine this call after you can send me a feed back on this post or personally .

Roberto Rusconi Composer