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  Manuscript Paper  Viola at 11:23 on 16 March 2007

I am looking for a manuscript manufactor that does A3 (or even A2) with 40 staves to a page. Preferably situated in Britain (I found some places in America, but the cost of importing etc...).
I was wondering whether my best bet would be to try out the Boosey and Hawkes Manuscript Maker CD ROM - which you can specify your own requirements.
Anyone got any suggestions or thoughts I'd be very grateful.

  Re: Manuscript Paper  James McFadyen at 13:53 on 16 March 2007

You could just use Sibelius to make your own manuscript paper.

If you don't have Sibelius, I can do it for you then all you need to do is print it.

  Re: Manuscript Paper  Viola at 14:41 on 16 March 2007

I do have Sibeluis 4, but despise it. (I have my order in for SCORE.) Good idea though, I shall try that.

  Re: Manuscript Paper  Team Gaughan at 15:26 on 16 March 2007

Panapus used to be great with many different sizes of paper, but I don't think they trade any longer.

I use Sibellius too, it took me a while to work it out- but it is great for most things- not great for 40 stave + stuff tho I must admit.

  Re: Manuscript Paper  James McFadyen at 18:35 on 16 March 2007

Yeah, I used to buy my manuscript from Panopus, but I believe they only offer printing and copying services now.

  Re: Manuscript Paper  mary at 18:00 on 17 March 2007
Alla Breve offers a variety of free ms templates. Just download the files and you're set.

  Re: Manuscript Paper  dlg at 11:37 on 04 May 2007

Schott in Gt Marlborough St have some manuscript by a manufacturer 'star' (german i think) including 40 staves A3. they can no doubt put you in touch

  Re: Manuscript Paper  dunkinwedd at 23:27 on 06 May 2007

I don't know if this is helpful but you can download printable ms paper from this site:

  Re: Manuscript Paper  James McFadyen at 08:19 on 23 June 2007

Check out the C:T Shop