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  What do you think of myspace as a promotional tool  cherylhoad at 10:22 on 12 March 2007


I've just set up a myspace page, and am wondering how useful it is going to be - i wonder if any other composers use it, and if they do, whether anyone has ever got pieces played etc? I've already sent off a piano trio to someone but havent heard back yet...wondering if anyone has any views?

Thanks, Cheryl

  Re: What do you think of myspace as a promotional tool  David Bruce at 11:54 on 12 March 2007

I recently set one up too despite my dislike for so much of the junk that's on myspace. What I've noticed is that it can be used as a very indirect way of making first contact with people - paradoxically I think it's less direct than writing an email to someone to do an 'add as a friend' (which agrees with what someone once told me that the number of myspace friends you have is in inverse proportion to the number of real freinds!) - at the end of the day it's also another publicity tool and the fact that you've already sent someone a trio says it's already working to some degree.

  Re: What do you think of myspace as a promotional tool  James McFadyen at 12:21 on 12 March 2007

Yea, I agree with David.

I have a MySpace but I can't say I use it to its fullest potential.

The important thing to remember is it's free. It's free publicity and networking opportunities at the end of the day, that's gotta be worth the time setting it up.

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