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  Torke`s Torque  James McFadyen at 21:59 on 21 February 2007

I bought Michael Torke's CD this week and is just amazing, it contains...

An American Abroad

I heard Rapture before and loved it, but An American Abroad is just pure bliss. The orchestrations are so lovely and there is so much clarity, especially in the way he uses his horns, their presence fits just nicely.

For anyone who does not have this CD (released by NAXOS), I throughly recommend it.

  Re: Torke`s Torque  scott_good at 19:12 on 22 February 2007

Last year I performed "The Contract", a 1.5 hour ballet of Torke with the National Ballet of Canada.

One of the best bass trombone parts I have ever played - really fun. This man certainly knows his brass and winds.