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  Re: composer blogs  FergusJ at 16:27 on 18 January 2011

@Misusc; I think you're over-reacting.

  Re: composer blogs  Misuc at 22:16 on 18 January 2011

....and I think you don't understand the issues.

There have been a grrat number of people pretending to be composers, using our cyberspace to try and make money out of us for all sorts od spurious products and services. It is hard to know how to stop this gross abuse if the webmaster refuses to act

  Re: composer blogs  MarkDundoreMusik at 04:25 on 27 April 2012

I've just recently started my own blog; it's not too comprehensive yet, but it's a work in progress.

Also, a friend of mine is a composer and musicologist in the Harrisburg, PA area. It seems I learn something new from him every day, plus he has links to John Adams' blog, Alex Ross, etc.

  Re: composer blogs  JonBrooksComposer at 10:43 on 11 July 2012

I am a professional composer and also have a blog here:

It contains music I have written and musical analysis of other musical scores.

  Re: composer blogs  AndyR at 18:15 on 22 December 2015

Check out the music pages at the OCA they have some good music blogs.

This 20 message thread spans 2 pages:  < <   1  [2]