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  new pieces  Team Gaughan at 09:56 on 09 February 2007

Just how do you get your music played or people interested in it when you are starting out?

  Re: new pieces  Hugh Boyle at 14:07 on 09 February 2007

That is a question we all must ask ourselves and there are a number of simple answers which can be arrived at but actually executing them is the hard part. There are so many composers around at the moment and a lot of them have personal web pages which creates a great ocean of composers in which it is very hard to get noticed. There are, however, various ways in which one can attempt to achieve recognition and receive performances.
They include sending scores to performers and approaching performers with scores. Another method is to apply for competitions in which the prize(s) are performances, or call for scores from either performers/ensembles or festivals requiring music for the upcoming season.
However, this is more difficult than it sounds as there are often a huge number of composers applying for these opportunities.
Another option is to have a personal webpage, such as in the showcase section of this website however, as already stated, there are so many composersí websites online that it is hard to gain recognition for yours.
I could go on, but I will cease by encouraging you to try, try and try. Get as many of your scores out there as you can because the more opportunities you apply for the better chance you should have. Another tip is to try and achieve recognition locally first and then expand. Perhaps try to make contact with local musicians whom you think could help your cause.
Try for advice.