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  Menotti  piargno at 08:00 on 02 February 2007

Gian Carlo Menotti died. I'm pretty surprised it's not on here.

He was 95. If you aren't familiar with his stuff, check out "The Medium" - a chamber opera. It's incredible. I first came across him in a piano concert where someone played his "Riccecare and Toccata." I still remember that performance being great, and I still remember loving the Menotti. He also started some festivals, namely the one in Spoletto. I could be getting some info twisted - I'm a bit tipsy right now.

But this is important, and should be in the news section on the homepage.,1,3694552.story?page=1&ctrack=1&cset=true&coll=la-headlines-pe-california

  Re: Menotti  Team Gaughan at 08:35 on 02 February 2007

I have performed in a few of his pieces and like others I have heard. Its a pity his music isn't better known.

  Re: Menotti  at385 at 10:00 on 02 February 2007

Fear not, this will be making the news section but, as his death was only announced this morning (UK time), we haven't been able to prepare the item yet.

  Re: Menotti  ruska02 at 13:05 on 08 February 2007

Menotti started writing music at 7 years of age, at 11 years he wrote both libretto and music , starting an attitude he would have followed all his life, for the first of his works La morte di Pierrot. He joined the Conservatorio Verdi di Milano in 1923.
Affter his fathers death he went to USA where he attended the Curtis Institute of Music di Philadelphia. In his course there were students like Leonard Bernstein e Samuel Barber, Menotti wrote the libretto for Barber, Vanessa, which was premiered in 1958 at the Metropolitan Oper).
While at l Curtis Institute Menotti wrote his first mature opera, Amelia al Ballo, the text are in his motherlanguage italian as the other works The Island God e The Last Savage, all his other works are from this point on in english
He wrote the libretto for another Barber's work A Hand of Bridge, and corrected the one for Antony and Cleopatra. Amelia was such a hit that NBC commissioned to him a radio opera : The Old Maid and the Thief.
He than wrote a ballet , Sebastian (1944), and a Piano Concer(1945) before coming back to the opera with The Medium and The Telephone.
His first long term Opera was The Consul (Il console), 1950 with wich he won the Pulitzer Prize for Music and the New York Drama Circle for the better musical opera of 1954. In 1951 he had also wrote the two Operas Amahl and the Night Visitors for l'Hallmark Hall of Fame. In 1958 he founded the Festival dei Due Mondi of Spoleto that after he took also in USA and Australia
Menotti in 1993 took on the direction of the 'Opera di Roma.
Nel 1984receive a Prize fron the Kennedy Center Honor for Artistic Merits,in 1991, was chose by Musical America's as "Musician of the Year."
Menotti died in Monte Carlo il 1 febbraio 2007
Amelia al Ballo (1937).
The Old Maid and the Thief, opera radiofonica (1939).
The Island God (1942).
The Medium (1946).
The Telephone, or L'Amour trois (1947).
The Consul (1950).
Amahl and the Night Visitors, opera televisiva (1951).
The Saint of Bleeker Street (1954).
Maria Golovin (1958).
The Death of the Bishop of Brindisi (1963).
Labyrinth, television opera (1963).
The Last Savage, (1963).
Martin's Lie, (1964).
Help, Help, the Globolinks!, (1968).
The Most Important Man, (1971).
Tamu-Tamu, (1973).
The Egg, (1976).
The Hero, (1976).
The Trial of the Gypsy, (1978).
Chip and his Dog, (1979).
Juana la Loca (Giovanna la pazza), (1979).
A Bride from Pluto, (1982).
The Boy Who Grew Too Fast, (1982).
Goya, (1986).
The Wedding (Il matrimonio), (1988).
Goya [rev.], (1991).
The Singing Child, (1993).

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