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  Favourite World Music  John Robertson at 18:39 on 22 January 2007

I thought it would be interesting for members to list some of their favourite world music groups/instrumentalists, a chance for us all to learn something new. Here's a couple of mine

India Hariprasad Chaurasia (flute) - particularly the 'Call of the Valley' album which is just sublime

Romania Taraf de Haidouks, the crazy gypsy ensemble
also Fanfare Ciocărlia, the equally crazy brass band

Mali - Tounami Diabate, the amazing Kora player

  Re: Favourite World Music  piargno at 20:43 on 22 January 2007

Not really "world music" per se, but I love Erica Azim and her Mbira stuff, as well as similar work by Paul Prince and Friends. I also like the works of Shirish Korde. :-D

  Re: Favourite World Music  Team Gaughan at 10:14 on 24 January 2007

I rather like Indian classical music esp the sitar. I also like Sufi music and would encourage anyone to listen to it.

  Re: Favourite World Music  red5 at 14:10 on 24 January 2007

Team Gaughan - out of interest what do you class as Sufi music? I very much like Sufi literature, Farid-ud-din Attar for instance, but don't really know any music.

  Re: Favourite World Music  Team Gaughan at 12:31 on 25 January 2007

I'm only just starting out with Sufi music- I looked into it after reading Rumi,(have a look if you are considering composing songs).

Here is a good site with music:

  Re: Favourite World Music  red5 at 20:02 on 25 January 2007

Interesting, is that 'traditional' though. It sounds quite Westernised to me (a problem, I think, with lots of contemporary world music CDs).

  Re: Favourite World Music  Team Gaughan at 07:49 on 26 January 2007

yes, think you are right. I am still discovering of course. Any suggestions?

  Re: Favourite World Music  red5 at 10:01 on 26 January 2007

In terms of Sufi music no suggestions at all, I'm at an even earlier stage than you! However, my favourite 'world' music CD which, in my opinion, is very non-westrernised is a CD by Ensemble Nipponia. As the name suggests, its Japanese music and is absolutely beautiful. I can't find the CD at the moment so can't remeber it's exact name but I think it was something basic like 'Traditional Japanese Vocal and Instrumental Music'. It has a stunning track on called 'Edo Lullaby'. Well worth a listen...