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  Alun Hoddinott  tonepoem at 00:17 on 09 January 2007

Has anyone else been listening to the new re=releases from the Lyrita label? I have just been given the Alun Hoddinott CD and it is a find! His dramatic cantata 'Dives and Lazarus' sung by Thomas Allen and Felicity Palmer shows the true extent of this great man's craft! I loved the fanfare he wrote for Charles and Camilla, a flash of real innovation in an otherwise very dull 'musical' wedding.
Any other Hoddinott admirers out there?

  Re: Alun Hoddinott  red5 at 18:06 on 09 January 2007

I have to confess, I know nothing of him or his music - can you enlighten me?!

  Re: Alun Hoddinott  tonepoem at 21:42 on 09 January 2007

Welsh composer...
Arguably one of the most eminent living British symphonists and a prolfic composer check out his page on OUP. Composed, to commission, for many major artists including Rostropovich, John Ogden, Ruggiero Ricci, Thomas Allen, Dame Margaret Price and many others
Check out 2 of his recently released CDs on the Lyrita label...Certainly a composer worth exploring