Louis J. Goldford - Composer  

Composer/saxophonist originally from US, currently traveling Asia. My pieces do their best to mediate the legitimacy argument between jazz, concert, and popular music. Works are for various ensembles, vocal and instrumental, electronics, media, some with improvised elements.

"The future of music may not lie entirely with music itself, but rather in the way it encourages and extends, rather than limits, the aspirations and ideals of the people, in the way it makes itself a part with the finer things that humanity does and dreams of."
Charles E. Ives, 'Essays Before a Sonata'

"For well over a hundred years each successive generation has seemed to many of its members to contain within itself the seeds of the imminent destruction, not only of a great musical tradition, but possibly of music itself."
Roger Sessions

"The bourgeois want art voluptuous and life ascetic; the reverse would be better."
Theodore Adorno

"...the correspondence of the means of expression with inner necessity is the essence of beauty in a work. The work's persuasive power, which entirely depends on this correspondence, finally forces the audience to accept the beauty of the work, despite the new methods."
Th. v. Hartmann, "On Anarchy in Music"

"Everthing aims at an ideal, an infinitely distant point. In the same way the laws of hearing will inifinitely develop and improve. Undoubtedly the germ of the future ideal function of hearing is already present in the ears we now have, and the laws of an ideal hearing will basically be related ot the laws of our present hearing, despite its great distance from our time."

"Science would no longer be the study of conflicts between representations, but rather the analysis of processes of repetition. After music, the biological sciences were the first to tackle this problem; the study of the conditions of the replication of life [...] goes to the essence of the problems surrounding Western technology's transition from representation to repetition. Biology replaces mechanics."
Jacques Attali, 1977

"[T]he specific remuneration of the composer has largely blocked the control of music by capital; it has protected creativity and even today allows the relations of power between musicians and financiers to be reversed."

"The least glimmer of truth is conditioned by politics."
Michel Foucault

"Art is a crucial, dangerous operation we perform on ourselves. Unless we take a chance, we die in art. [...] Polyphony sucks."
Morton Feldman