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New Music Day

 17 June 2014 at 15:00 - 17:00 

New Music Day

Detford Town Hall - Council Chamber
Deptford Town Hall, London SE14 6AF
United Kingdom


Milena Mateus,
Rodrigo B. Camacho,
Sara Rodrigues


Milena Mateus (Electric Bass),
Jack Newton (Vibraphone),
Rodrigo B. Camacho (Percussion),
Roxana Albayati (Cello),
Sara Rodrigues (Piano),
Will Smith (Violin).


1 - American Candy - "What the hell is red 40?!?" (45') [Rodrigo B. Camacho]

FDA notions on the pureness of food, hysterically colorful candy brands, self disintegration, a never ending joke about a swedish guy... all in one package!


2 - From Stone to Man, From Man to (10') [Sara Rodrigues]

The disintegration of the linguistic corpus studies from an online dictionary


3 - Mandala Cycle - for ensemble (35') [Milena Mateus]

un)Guided improvisation through meditation

Rodrigo B. Camacho : No. 46 - American Candy - "What the hell is Red 40?!?"
Milena Mateus : Mandala Cycle
Sara Rodrigues : From Stone to Man, From Man to

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