ANTHONY EGINI - Composer  

EGINI, Anthony.
Composer, arranger, producer and performer of his own original, idealistic pieces.
One of Egini's pieces, "ELEGANTE", will be performed by a local orchestra ensemble, with Egini on piano, in June 2007. "Elegante" had placed in the top ten percent of the Unisong International Song Contest. You can hear a sample of this piece and nine others by clicking onto 'Sound Samples'.
All his music has been composed, performed and recorded on his Yamaha Clavinova CVP-301 this year, and it is all of a professional quality. Egini's music has a special quality which immediately captivates the listener. His poignant melodies firmly instill in the listeners' memory. There is variation in his reportoire, showing his diversity to be different whilst still carrying the elements of good compositional skill. Egini's music is richly expressive and impregnable, communicating on a level which can easily be understood. There is a certain timelessness about his compositions. Inexorably linked to human emotion, Egini endeavours to become a recognised composer of film scores.
The CD of his work, "ANNAMIEKE", is available for purchase. Go to 'Contacts' to place an order.