Anders Sporring - Composer  

Anders Sporring was born in November 1959 in the northern part of Sweden.

He started to have the urge to compose at the age of 16 when his father brought him to a performance of J.S. Bach’s St John passion. But it took him until 1982 to get the skills and courage to really try his ways in the composition field. While at schooling at Mellansels folkhögskola between 1982 and 1984 his talent started to blossom. He was the first student at the school to have composition as an instrument.

1984 to 1986 he studied Music science at Uppsala University and he also tried to get in to the Royal Swedish Musical Academy during this time. Also during these years he had some success with his compositions and got some great reviews in papers.

1986 to 2002 he lived on the beautiful island Gotland and during this time he did some semi professional work as Violin and Viola player and started to compose more sporadically due to family and work situation. In 1998 he injured his left elbow and that caused him to take a break in playing his instruments, it all got worsened in 2003 when he got frozen shoulder in both shoulders and now he rarely touches his instruments.

Now it’s 2007 and Anders has got his passion to compose back again.!