Alastair Stout - Composer  

...progressing upwards to an almost unbearable intensity before plunging to the depths of bassoon and bass clarinet sound, leaving the difference tones ringing around our heads, ending with a growling crescendo breaking up in a series of menacing snorts.
The Orkadian, 1996

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Alastair Stout, PhD
Composer and Organist
Born: 1975
Raised in Shetland, Scotland, UK
Head Chorister, Ely Cathedral, 1989
Organ Scholar, Loretto School - Edinburgh
Assistant Organist, Wesley's Chapel - The Mother Church of World Methodism, London.
Studied at the RCM, the GSMD and University of London, UK.
Currently Music Director and Organist, Coraopolis UMC, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
Freelance composer, arranger and recitalist.

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