Anthony R. Green - Composer  

15 March 2012

This year has brought successful performances of ... in virid lows and azure highs ...
for alto flute, viola, and guitar, Nicht Zart III: Hommage à Cage for open ensemble,
Weightless (Nicht Zart IV: Hommage à Hyla) for alto sax and piano, Nicht Zart II:
Hommage à Scelsi
for contrabass and piano, ... on top of a frosted hill ... for
cello and piano, and 2 Letters of Queen Marguerite for soprano and piano. These
performances were by Carloyn Keyes (alto flute), Brightin Schlumpf (viola), Ben Cantu (guitar),
Décadanse (ensemble in France), Benjamin Sorrell (alto sax), Łukasz Kłusek (contrabass), Art-Oliver
Simon (piano), Rebecca Hartka (cello), Pei-yeh Tsai (piano), Emily Sinclair (soprano), Christopher
Zemliauskas (piano), Mathieu D'Ordine (cello), and myself (piano). I also have been performing
quite extensively with the singer Fred Peterbark, performing gospels and spirituals. Lastly, with
the cellist Mathieu D'Ordine, we have formed a duo Troisième Vie. We had our debut
concert in Colorado Springs, 11 March 2012.

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